For a new, fresh stream of water drawn from underground, you need the professionals at Exterra Drilling. Drilling a new well offers several benefits, including the ability to map your exact location and give input on specific design elements.

The quality of materials used in installation is a vital factor for the life of your well, and we only use the industry standards here. We’ll bore a hole into the ground at your desired location, then line the upper part with a strong casing to prevent collapsing walls and protect from contaminants. Our casing meets all industry specifications, as do all sealants we may use to help prevent contamination.

As part of your installation, we’ll also help you pump and develop the well and determine its yield. We’ll cap it and provide the proper sanitary protection, plus an air vent to equalize air pressure.

To learn more about our basic installation practices or what we can do for you, speak to the experts at Exterra Drilling.