The number one enemy of your well is bacteria, and to combat this and certain other odors or contaminants, the chlorination process is often used. At Exterra Drilling, our technicians are well-trained to provide the proper recommendations, amounts and frequencies for well chlorination.

We’ll help you with pre-chlorination prep, including completing certain water-related activities in the home. From here, we’ll open your well cover and insert the proper amounts of chlorination. A hose is run into the well, and water is circulated until a large enough quantity of chlorine is detected. We’ll then wash down the walls of the well with the hose, and replace the cover.

The entire process will take about 30 minutes for circulation for shallower wells, or a couple hours for deeper wells. If your home uses an electronic water heater, you’ll need to run hot water faucets in your home for 10 to 15 minutes to help circulate out un-chlorinated water.

We’ll also assist with discharging your chlorine, or give you detailed instructions on how to do so over the upcoming days after chlorination. If you need new filter cartridges, we’ll install them. If applicable, we’ll provide the proper follow-up checks for testing and water pressure.

To learn more about the benefits of chlorination or the process involved, speak to the experts at Exterra Drilling today.