Water wells are our method for extracting water from resources under the ground, but if they aren’t maintained correctly, they can be a major contributor to contamination through backflow. The process for preventing this is called capping and sealing, and at Exterra Drilling, we provide the highest quality capping and sealing services.

For wells that have been discontinued or repurposed for over five years, the title of “abandoned” well is given. Within one year of this designation, the well must be plugged, though the Division of Water recommends it’s done immediately. If the well was abandoned on or after Jan. 1, 1988, this process has to be done by a licensed professional.

At Exterra Drilling, we’ll handle your pumping and sealing concerns quickly and with no additional hassle. We’ll seal your well completely at the surface, or plug it with impervious materials if the situation dictates it. We’ll ensure all potential contaminants are fully blocked permanently, with long-lasting materials.

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