A reliable supply of water is critical, in most life situations, whether we’re talking about using it at a new real estate development, a public project, or to ensure a daily allotment of this most basic necessity. As a leader in the industry, Exterra Drilling Service can be the water well drilling company to help you establish such a supply. We serve Heber, Kamas and Park City, and we provide a variety of water well work for different clients.

You let us know what you need, exactly, and we’ll handle the rest; from inspection to installation, and maintenance. We leverage our years of proven experience and extensive knowledge of geology, aquifer flow and drilling technology to provide our customers a source of clean, safe groundwater.

Water is Life

Nothing survives without water, not man and not even machine. This is why we’re fully committed to excellence, in every water drilling project we accept. We will ensure, to the best of our abilities, that clean water will be the least of your worries.

On the other hand, everything flourishes with a steady supply of water. Trust only the drillers who have been in the industry long enough, and have maintained a consistent history of success. That is the kind of company Exterra Drilling Service is – our 40 years in the field have resulted in a multitude of clients and in an unparalleled track record. On top of that, our innovation, reliability, environmental commitment and steadfast customer service have earned us the finest reputation in water well drilling.

We’re here to assist you in ways that will make your water well project easier and more efficient. Let us help you make sense of topographical maps, water levels and the types of wells that best-suit your requirements. Whether you’re looking to supply water to one location or to pump it to several areas, we can assist you.

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